George Th. Costarellos, J.D, M.C.J (N.Y.U)


Attorney at Law (1983),

Approinted at the Supreme court of Greece and at the Conseil d’ Etat of Greece


I was born in Athens at 01/01/1956.
I grew up in the municipality of Daphne, Attica where I also completed the 6 years secondary education studies (First in my class).
I joined the Law School of the Athens University in September 1973 and graduated with a degree of “Excellent” in two examination periods in September 1977 (equivalent to “Summa Cum Laude”)
In the year 1978 I received a scholarship from the Law School of the University of New York (N.Y.U School of Law) to attend classes on law of the Unites States. I was awarded the title of Master of Comparative Jurisprudence (M.C.J.) at 1979. In the year 1979 I practiced as  a law clerk in a Wall street law firm specializing on ship financing and maritime mortgages.
I was enrolled  in the the Athens Bar Association member list as an attorney at law in 1981.
At the beginning of  my career I was involved in commercial and civil debt collections (which were unknown in Greece at that time), in enforcement of judgments and up to now continued I have been a general litigation before courts of  all grades up to the Supreme Court of Greece and the Conseil d’  Etat in Greece.
During the last 15 years I was actively involved in the specifications listed in my website :
For cases τhat fall out of  the spectrum of  my specializations I cooperate and/or direct you to specific  hard working colleagues of absolute confidence and proven dedication