My law office works oon strictly predetermined appointments  which are fixed through the phone or by email.
Appointment without prior agreement is not accepted.

Before leaving the office to sign the Minutes showing the result of our meeting and then if you wish we may have an appointment at a later date or you assign me the case right away.

At the appointment you have with you :

1) You I.D.
2) all necessary documents for the case:
a) regarding your legitimate interest connecting you with the case in question  and
b) all documents prpoving yourn assertations ( i.e lending agreements, contracts, etc.).
You set them in chronological order
If you do not follow the above, you will  not be accepted for appointments still you will be charged for the cancelled appointment.

I prefer having all dockets mailed to me by “Geniki Taxydromiki” company, if that is possible.

My fee for research/opinion and assignments always depends on the time necessary for research and study in conjunction with the severance of the case, the object and the amount of money involved.

Also, if you already assigned your case a lawyer and you want a second opinion with me, you can freely do so.

However, if you wish to assign a case to me you have to have a document from your previous lawyer confirming that he allows you to do so and that he was paid for the services he rendered to you.